Fire Sprinkler

Fire sprinklers might save your life, but they can also ruin your business property when they go off accidentally. A fire sprinkler that bursts without a reason can negatively affect drywalls, ceiling, floor, furniture and documents in devastating ways. Unwanted water from a fire sprinkler break or leak wreaks havoc to personal items (desks, important documents, product and materials) and must be cleaned up and dried out immediately to avoid further damage or product loss.

Common Causes of Accidental Activation
- Overheating
- Corrosion
- Mechanical damage
- Manufacturing defect
- Installation flaw

You might think that these are not things you can control. And you are more than right! But you can control the actions you undertake once the water damage has occurred. The first and most important one is to call an expert. Think of us as your number one reliable partner in such unfortunate situations. We will put all our efforts into reducing the damage and getting your business to its ideal running conditions in no time.

Emergency clean-up of fire sprinkler damage requires special equipment and highly qualified technicians. Water Damage Arcadia has them both and we’re only 30 minutes away! We remove all the water, devise an appropriate drying plan and restore your property while you focus on keeping things on track.

Don’t Let Fire Sprinklers Ruin Your Property
An unattended bursting fire sprinkler can easily harm not just your property, but others, too. Think of a multi-level apartment building or a corporate office one. Water damage can silently spread and harm floors, ceilings, assets and objects beyond your property. Not to mention the formation of mold that, if not spotted and cleaned properly, can develop serious illnesses.

We are here to limit potential damages before they expand. We will restore your property to ideal working conditions as soon as possible. Our team is recommended by hundreds of customers as being reliable, serious, fast and efficient.

While you focus on your business, call us at (626) 566-8111 and let us do our business! We are 30 minutes away, day or night, every day!