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Partner with us for Water Damage Restoration!

When it comes to business, there is nothing worse than seeing everything you’ve worked for destroyed by unexpected flooding while you sit on the side, watching. In such unpleasant events, remember you are not helpless, and there are several things you can do to prevent permanent water damages. The first and most important one of them is to call for an expert.

With several years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, Arcadia Water Damage is your partner in such crisis situations. Our trained technicians are fast, reliable and efficient in assessing your loss and developing a complete restoration plan. While you focus on dealing with your business, let us do our job and spare you all the unpleasant and unnecessary tasks of extracting, drying and repairing your business.

Helping Business Owners Keep Doors Open

Whether you own a store, an apartment complex, a governmental building or a small business, we have the proper solution to help you get back to running smoothly as quickly as possible. But we do not stop there. Due to our constant desire to offer complete services, we help you by filling in a comprehensive report that is very much needed in order to get your damage covered by your insurance company. In addition, we work with ALL insurance companies!

After we assess your total damage, we continue by removing the water and starting the cleaning and restoration procedures. You must be aware that the drying process might take a while depending on the types of materials being dried and how long the water damage went untreated. So, once more, we highlight the importance of calling an expert as soon as you spot the water damage.

Our Process:

1. Evaporation: After we finish removing the extra water, we proceed to changing the remaining one into vapors by enhancing evaporation. To do so, we use our latest air-moving equipment.

2. Dehumidification: After moisture is removed through evaporation from all surfaces and it gets into the air, it is vital for it to be totally exhausted by dehumidification. Failing to do so may cause serious secondary damage and present a significant risk of health hazard.

3. Temperature control: By controlling the temperature of a bounded environment, we can boost both evaporation and dehumidification. Moreover, the growth of microorganisms being related to temperature makes this aspect even more important when talking about an effective and safe drying process.

4. Monitoring: The damaged structure must be under attentive monitoring starting in the loss evaluation phase and until the end of the restoration process. When doing this, we follow certain procedures like:
- Reading temperature and humidity
- Updating the status of the drying process
- Checking the moisture content of wood and other materials

It’s enough that you have to go through such an unpleasant event. Don’t make it even more challenging by trying to deal with the restoration process yourself. Instead, give us a call at (626) 566-8111 and our technicians will reach you within 30 minutes and develop a suitable restoration plan for your business property.